Can We Guess If You Identify More as a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

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Voting is a right that was fought for and it's one that should be appreciated and used. No matter who you're voting for, no matter what anyone else out there tells you, use your voice and vote. Sometimes it can be hard to know who to vote for, though. Do you go party line or go with your gut? Sometimes they are the same, but sometimes they couldn't be more different. In a world like the one we live in now, putting your vote to good use is as important as ever. Basically, writing in  "Harambe" won't get us anywhere. Not only is Harambe dead, he was a gorilla. 

Anyway, voting can be made much easier when you know where you fall on the political spectrum. While you don't have to vote with the party you identify with, it can give you a really good place to start. Some people know right away, some people take a while to decide, and some people switch back and forth a few times. What do you identify more as? With carefully constructed questions, we will be able to guess if you call yourself more a Democrat, Republican, independent, or something else. Take the quiz now!

Is the environment something you take into consideration with politics?

Are you staunch in your current political beliefs?

Do you care a lot about what other people are doing?

How do you feel about lowering taxes for big corporations?

In your heart of hearts, do you think Social Security will still be around when it's your time to collect?

Are trade agreements, like NAFTA, crucial to the development and sustainability of industry?

Do you agree with the classification of currently illegal drugs like marijuana?

Where do you stand on government-funded abortions?

When it comes to people entering the country illegally, how should that be dealt with?

Do you think there are too many regulations on banks?

If a person commits an extreme, heinous crime, should the death penalty be the answer?

This is touchy, but where do you stand right now on gun control?

Minimum wage has been a hot topic for some time now. Do you think it should be increased?

In your opinion, is it the duty of the United States to provide weapons to other countries?

Many other countries already do this, but do you think the government should pay for all college education and forgive current loan debts?

Is it wise for the US to remain a part of the UN?

Do you support Citizens United and a corporation's ability to contribute whatever amount it wants to a political campaign as if it was an individual person?

The Keystone Pipeline is a hotly contested issue. Where do you stand?

When the economy crashed, a lot of corporations got bailed out by the government. Do you agree with that approach?

Can you agree that the amount of money currently spent on the US defense should be increased?

Even though it's still in the Constitution, the lines of separation of church and state seem to get a little blurred. What are your feelings on that?

Can there ever be a complete overhaul of mental health care practices and standards?

How do you think poverty should be handled?

Would you ever be OK with implementing another military draft?

Where do you stand on climate change?

Health care has gotten overhauled before, but do you think the country is due for another one?

What kind of Constitution reader are you?

Do you subscribe to the idea that women's rights are human rights?

Love is love, right?

In your lifetime, which president has been your favorite?

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