Can We Guess How Old You Are Based on Your Nostalgic Food Choices?

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Whether it's vegging out in front of cartoons with a strawberry Danimals yogurt, or chewing yards of Bubble Tape after school, the treats that defined our childhoods still have a warm and fuzzy place in just about everyone's heart. The 1980s and 1990s were classic times for comfort food. There are dozens of discontinued favorites that we would give our right eye to have put back up on the shelves.

From Little Debbie Snack Cakes to fizzy Clearly Canadian sodas, our childhoods were fed with some of the most creative foods in the world. During these decades, cereals went from ordinary and boring to extraordinary. Plenty of them featured miniature versions of our favorite cookies, and they were all studded with marshmallows and injected with enough sugar to keep us going through recess. 

The freezer was a treasure trove stocked full of goodies. Kid Cuisines and Toaster Strudels sat side by side, just waiting to be popped in the microwave and enjoyed while watching "The Goonies" for the 20th time. Our summers were flavored with icy pops and pastel sherbets, as well as Viennetta, the fanciest ice cream on the planet.

Step back in time to the golden years of your childhood, and let us guess your actual age with this delicious quiz that is sure to get your stomach rumbling. 

What after school snack would you immediately go for?

It's freezing outside. What snack will help you warm up quickly?

Which quick Saturday lunch is your favorite?

It's time for a sweet treat. Which one sounds the most delicious?

What healthy treat would you love to snack on?

Choose a breakfast that hits you right in the nostalgia. Which one?

Which sweet treat would cool you down on a hot day?

You are feeling parched. Which nostalgic beverage would cool you down?

It's time to go camping. What snack is absolute critical to have on hand?

'Ducktales' is on. What snack do you grab to eat while watching it?

It's time to dig into your breakfast of champions. What do you reach for?

What movie theater snack sounds yummiest to you?

Many of our favorite nostalgic snacks were fruit-flavored. Which one is your favorite?

It's time for a chocolate treat. Which one sounds the best?

What classic snack do you want to eat right now?

Most nostalgic food is also comfort food. Which one would hit the spot?

You get to share one treat with your BFF. Which one is it?

Which after school snack would you race home to eat?

What nostalgic food staple would you have loved to see in the cupboard?

Choose an old-school bubble gum. Which one sounds the most fun?

It's time to binge watch some classic '90s movies. Which snack sounds best?

Which quick dinner option sounds perfect right about now?

Which cult classic is the stuff summertime dreams were made of?

You open up your freezer and see a treat. What is it?

When you wanted a quick and filling dinner, which meal did you reach for?

Which thirst-quenching beverage would you gladly reach for?

What snack did your coolest friend always have on hand?

Some foods are a little more controversial. Which "love it or hate it" treat sounds amazing?

Which treat would you always have tucked in your backpack?

As an adult, which throwback nostalgic dish would you gladly feature on a menu?

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