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Age has always been a huge part of politics. Some of the greatest presidents in history are well-known for their youth, including John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama. But youth isn't always viewed as a positive: The old guard protecting our current generation of citizens from a radical new ideology among the youth is another fairly common theme in American politics.

The key has always been to strike a fair balance between youth and experience. In the current political season, which is defined by the build-up to the 2020 election, politicians emphasizing their youth — like Julian Castro and Mayor Pete Buttigieg — have also been forced to highlight their experience in matters of governing.

In Congress, youth movements are the hot new trend. A group of young female representatives, headlined by 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx (NY 14th District), is disrupting convention and drawing some pushback even from within their own party. 

Each age group tends to have its own views, but as is the case with everything else in politics, there are no real hard-and-fast rules. Fill some of these common political positions with your ideal candidate, and we will use your choices to guess how old you are and what that means for your view of politics.

It's a key role to help keep a powerful elected official on track — who would be your Chief of Staff?

The Vice President on a ticket can be just as important as the name at the top. Who is your VP?

Of course, the big question: Which of these presidents would you choose to run the country?

Although it's the "lower" chamber, The House of Representatives is said to better represent the will of common people. Which of these House representatives would you choose in your dream government?

The Senate is the highest chamber in Congress and wields significant power in lawmaking. Who would you choose as your ideal senator?

Foreign relations are critical in defining a country's policy. Who would manage these relationships as your Secretary of State?

The Speaker of the House leads the lower chamber and is one of the most powerful individual politicians in the country. Who would be your Speaker?

Defending the country is a critical role for government. Which person would be your Secretary of Defense, leading the military?

Every president needs to stay in touch with the world of commerce. Which of these names would serve as your Trade Representative?

Any political operation needs someone to spin things properly in the media. Who would be your press secretary?

The judges of the Supreme Court make some of the most important decisions of the judicial branch. Who would you choose as Chief Justice?

Though it's more ceremonial than other roles, the President pro tempore of the Senate still has an important job. Who would be your President pro tempore?

The UN helps keep the world at peace. Which of these officials would you pick to represent the government in the UN?

A campaign has to have great funding to succeed. Who would be your chief fundraising manager?

It requires some careful planning and foresight to craft a successful strategy to govern with. Who would be your chief strategist?

A Labor Secretary maintains prosperity for the country's working class. Who would you choose as your Secretary of Labor?

State senators can help control the trajectory of the states they represent, which in turn can push the federal government. Who would you want as state senator?

They are one of our most important modern allies — who would you select as your delegate to the United Kingdom?

Running the Justice Department is an important task, as the current administration has shown us. Who would be your Attorney General?

Healthcare is a national issue, which is why the leader of our system has to be knowledgeable in both health and politics. Who would you choose as your Surgeon General?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has an important role regulating the way people transmit information. Who would be your FCC chair?

The Office of Management and Budget sets the tone for government spending. Who would oversee your dream OMB?

Maintaining our intelligence activities helps protect the country. Which of these names would be your CIA director?

The Joint Chiefs of Staff help advise the president on defense, security and military issues. Which of these people would serve as your chairman of the Joint Chiefs?

Keeping transportation channels efficient makes a country better in several ways. Who are you selecting as your Secretary of Transportation?

We only have one environment, and protecting it is key. Who is leading the Environmental Protection Agency in your dream government?

Celebrities can sometimes communicate more effectively with normal people. Who would you select as a celebrity political spokesperson?

It's important for us to appreciate poetry and literature. Who would you pick as your Poet Laureate?

Technology is vital for society to advance. Who is heading up your government's innovation department?

There may be a new Space Race coming up soon. Who do you want to head up your dream NASA?

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