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If you have a garage at home, the chances are that you have a range of tools that you may or may not use. In some cases, you may not even know what some of the things in your toolbox are for. They looked important and sounded like they might be necessary, so you bought them. When it comes to the garage of a qualified mechanic, you can rest assured that there are plenty more tools that might confuse you even more.

Working on a vehicle is a complicated business, that's for sure. That is especially true when work is to be carried out deep within the engine. Here, a range of tools is needed to work on specific parts and systems such as the valves, crankshaft, transmission and exhaust setup, among many others. But you will also find many simple tools that you would have seen before. Things like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and even hammers are important tools needed in a garage.

So just how many garage tools do you think that you could identify from a single image? Some of them are pretty basic, but others might have you a little stumped. Make sure you use our hints if you need a little help and let's see just how well you fare. Good luck!

Can you name this tool which is needed when working deep within the engine?

This tool is particularly useful when working on the valves of an engine. It helps to determine the right height for both the spring and the valve in their chambers. A micrometer is needed for exact measurements. As measurements will differ between cylinders, use the shortest measurement taken.


Needing to loosen or tighten a bolt quickly? Use these.

A socket set serves much the same purpose as a wrench but here, you place the socket over the nut and use a socket wrench to tighten or loosen without having to remove and reset after every turn. Another advantage here is that it can be used to work on hard-to-reach nuts thanks to extender bars.


Of course you know what this garage tool is, don't you?

A good screwdriver set is never out of place in a workshop and a necessity when working on an engine of any kind. Make sure you have a range of different kinds from regular, to Philips to Robertson just to name a few. Short and long versions of each are handy, too.


This clever garage tool lets you tighten or loosen bolts in hard-to-reach places. What is it?

A socket extension allows you to reach into difficult areas within the engine to loosen bolts or nuts. These are invaluable and help to save time because they are simply faster than using a wrench. And we all like convenience, right?


Can you identify this garage tool? Use it to measure the inside diameter of pipes, cylinders and other round parts found in a garage.

This tool is used specifically to measure the inside diameter of pipes, cylinders or other round objects. Bore gauges are calibrated to 0.001 inches or 0.0001 inches. Using them can be something of a tricky maneuver, but the measurement they provide is critical.


This keeps things neat and tidy, especially when draining fluids out the engine.

Drip pans help keep the floor of your workshop clean. Engines are filled with various fluids and when taking them apart, these will drip onto the floor. A drip pan helps you to keep control of the mess. Be sure to obey local laws when disposing of the fluids the drip pan collects!


For when you just need to hit something!

A garage always has a range of hammers. But why would you need one when working on a vehicle? Well, there are a few reasons. For instance, a stubborn nut might be persuaded to turn thanks to a few taps from a hammer. And when you lock your keys in the car you could always ...


An oil filter that is stuck can be removed with this.

Many oil filters are turned into place by hand and then tightened using an oil filter wrench. These also help remove older filters that might have become stuck in place due to the heat of the engine or other reasons over time.


If you need to tighten a bolt to a specific point, then use this. What is it?

A torque wrench is similar to a regular wrench except in the fact that it applies a precise torque to the fastener or bolt you are tightening. This prevents overtightening. The torque wrench was invented in 1918 by Conrad Bahr.


This special garage tool is used to lift engines out of the car. What is it?

No self-respecting garage will be without a pulley, hoist and lift. Engines are heavy, and these three tools make it possible to not only remove them but replace them back into the chassis with minimal fuss.


Every car normally has one of these tools in the trunk, although probably not this big. What is it?

If you have a flat tire, a car jack will help lift the car high enough so you can take it off and replace it with a spare. That said, in a mechanic's workshop, these car jacks use hydraulics instead of manual labor to quickly raise a car. Never crawl underneath a car that's up on a jack!


This tool is used on an important part of a car engine. Can you name it?

While working on an engine, the crankshaft will need to be turned and adjusted many times. This socket does the job for you without any fear of damaging the crankshaft itself. This is all done when the harmonic balancer, or damper, is removed.


Name this garage tool, sometimes called an air gun.

Also known as an air gun, this uses electricity to spin and is the quickest way to attach or remove nuts. Be careful, though! It's very easy to over-tighten nuts, especially lug nuts, leaving a headache for the next person to try to remove them.


Use this to shed some light on anything you might be working on in the garage.

A flashlight is crucial while working on the innards of a car, be it the engine, suspension or practically anywhere. And to keep your hands free, use a flashlight that straps to your head, or buy a shop light that has a hook you can use to hang it where you're working.


You won't find this in every garage, but a mechanic who works on engines often should have one. The image depicts a/an _______?

Engines are heavy. When removed from a vehicle, they need somewhere to stand without the chance of falling and getting damaged. An engine stand will do the job perfectly.


What spray is shown in this image?

A crucial part of keeping any engine running properly, a good garage setup will always have a few cans of engine lubricant nearby. It's handy when you need to get a little go-juice into a door hinge, for example.


Tools and parts you would work on in a garage get dirty. Use this to make them clean again.

Engine parts, particularly on old engine rebuilds, need to be cleaned. The best way to do this is by simply soaking them and then cleaning them in a part washing container. This is not simply cosmetic, as getting off old grease and grime can reveal faults and improve the overall performance.


A tool for precise measurements but can you name it?

A caliper is used to measure the distance between two opposing sides of a particular object. They have any number of uses when working on a car engine. A lot of successful mechanic work depends on precise measurements, so this tool is crucial.


A garage mechanic needs these when checking spark plug gaps. Can you name it?

Feeler gauges are to measure gap widths, most notably in spark plugs. For example, too large a gap width means the spark plug will not fire properly and the car will run poorly.


Although not something that a mechanic would use often, it's useful for cutting piping and hoses in the engine. What is it?

A utility knife is very, very sharp. The blade, however, can practically cut anything so it is very useful in a garage. Just keep out of reach of children, and wear gloves when working with one to protect your hands. Most utility knives use a standard razor blade, although you can get purpose-made blades also.


What garage tool is shown in this picture? They come with a range of different options.

Although you think you might never need pliers when working on an engine, you will be surprised the number of times you wish you had them if you didn't have them in your toolbox. Pliers which can be used to grip and twist are a must in any garage.


All modern cars might need this tool to read certain diagnostics in an attempt to isolate a problem. What is it?

All modern cars have computers that run pretty much everything in the vehicle. When something goes wrong with this computer, having one of these gadgets can not only help identify the problem more easily but can also fix it in many cases.


Always keep one of these handy in your vehicle. You never know when you might need it. What is it?

A multi-tool is a great addition to any garage. Its versatility is in the fact that it can be carried easily off-site. When the correct tools are with you, however, always use them ahead of a multi-tool equivalent.


This garage tool helps to keep an engine clean. What is it?

A good set of cleaning brushes can be used throughout your workshop on a number of different things, including keeping an engine spic and span. They're also handy if you leave oily handprints on the body of the car while working around it.


This garage tool helps check the length of a engine part. What is it?

When rebuilding an engine, having the correct length pushrods is critical. This tool helps ensure that this happens. Best of all, they are relatively inexpensive.


A stubborn fastener that just won't turn can be broken and removed with this interesting garage tool

A nut splitter is a great way to loosen nuts, screws or bolts that have become tricky to turn or loosen. It the nut still won't loosen, the splitter can be tightened until the nut breaks in half. Then you simply need to replace it.


Can you name this tool which is used on a fastener with a hexagonal-shaped head?

Allen keys come in an array of sizes and are made to fit a small hexagonal-shaped head. Allen keys are sometimes called hex keys. Anyone who has put together furniture from IKEA has a drawer full of them!


When needing to hear knocks within the recesses of an engine, you would use this.

Very similar to the stethoscope a doctor would use, the auto version is used for listening deep within the engine. This can help to diagnose problems before they get too serious and can accurately locate the area where the problem sound is coming from.


In some situations in an auto workshop, protection is a necessity. What are these?

Although they can be restrictive, gloves are a necessity in a workshop situation. Bear in mind there are different thicknesses available, so if you are doing fine work but still need protection, use a thinner pair. There are also gloves designed to be resistant to heat, corrosives, etc.


Used in tight spaces, can you identify this fastening tool?

Screwdrivers are very common tools and not only found in a mechanic's toolbox but in most homes. Standard screwdrivers have long handles and are a struggle to use in a confined space, like within an engine. That is why having a short-handled option is a great idea in any garage.


At the end of a long day, this will help you clean up properly. What is it?

No self-respecting mechanic will be left without a decent hand cleaner. Working on cars will see grease and grime cover your hands as you delve into the engine. Hand cleaner not only can help get your hands clean, but it also helps penetrate under your nails to remove grime.


Although not a garage essential, these can prove very useful to have around.

Zip ties are a great way to keep pipes, wires and leads together. For example, keep the high tension leads between the sparkplugs and distributor cap neat and tidy by using zip ties to bind them together. You can also use them behind your garage TV to keep cords neat!


Can you name this? It should be found in every garage.

Working on a car can sometimes lead to injuries. These are normally in the form of cuts, either from tools or perhaps protruding parts in the engine bay. A first aid kit should always be found in every workshop to help sort out any small injuries.


When vehicles have electrical problems, this tool can help you isolate where those problems exist. What is it?

An ohm meter measures electrical resistance. This can help tell if a circuit has a break in it or not. Every auto electrician will have one of these in their toolbox, that is for certain.


This is an easy one! Name this everyday garage tool, please.

No self-respecting garage is going to attempt any engine work with a number of wrenches. Available in a number of sizes, these are the easiest way to tighten or loosen nuts. An adjustable wrench where you can set the size is also known as a crescent wrench.


Creating threads is easily achieved with this tool. What is it?

A tap and die set is necessary if you would like to create screw threads. This might be needed when overhauling an engine. This is some really old-school stuff, and you should count yourself a true gearhead if you know how to use it!


What tool is shown in this image? It's perfect for starting a car with a flat battery.

Struggling with a flat battery? A jumper pack will get it started the first time and the charger will ensure that you get charge back into it so you won't need to jump it again. If this doesn't fix the problem, you probably have an alternator issue.


What is the name of this special garage tool which is needed when working on a particular engine part?

This is used for working on the crankshaft particularly and allows for the rotation of the crankshaft with the damper removed. It works with a normal ratchet. They're small, but they're not cheap, so make sure you've got a good place to keep yours!


Your go-to tool when you need to grip something tightly. Can you name it?

A vise allows you to secure something you are working on and still have two hands free. Although it might not be used that often in a garage, it is something you should consider having, especially if you need to secure something that needs to be cut with a hacksaw, for instance.


Can you name this garage tool which can be used to easily scoot around under a vehicle?

Moving around underneath a car is never easy, especially if you are on your back. A creeper is essentially a board on wheels which allows you to move around more easily. Some can even be raised to act as a seat to add further comfort while you work.


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