Are You Overly Obsessed with Your Pet?

By Amanda on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

You'll often see the figure, "90% of pet owners consider their pet part of the family". However, that information is a marketing "fact". It comes from an online survey of 1200 pet owners conducted by the American Pet Products Association. In real life, that's not always how it is. Sometimes the bond between human family and pet becomes strained due to the pet's behavioral problems (too aggressive, destroys the house when left alone, etc.) Or maybe there is a change in the family situation such as divorce, illness, job loss or new baby which makes the animal's presence a challenge for family members. Even allergies that surface after a pet adoption can cause a returned animal. 

If you think "that would never happen in MY family" then great! you are a passionate pet owner. If you're protecting their little paws from the elements with knitted shoes or bringing a new toy to them every night, you might be a bit obsessed. However, if you're someone who winces every time the dog needs exercise and brush its needs off with "it's just an animal", you may be a part-time or passive pet owner. Find out where you stand on the pet parent scale. Take this quiz now!

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