Answer These Zodiac Questions and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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About This Quiz

Married? Single? Completely confused? Don't tell us! This quiz will get to the bottom of your relationship status by using the stars of the zodiac to navigate the way. Once you tell us all about your astrological preferences, we'll be able to crack the code of your current relationship! 

There's a lot more to the zodiac than punching your birthday into a search field. In fact, there's a whole science behind the practice. Professional astrologers know how to navigate the stars to give you the most precise reading possible. In the same way, our questions are designed to figure out your relationship status by not asking you about it. 

The way you feel about certain signs, and the habits you have around your horoscope, are telling of many things in your life. By the end, we'll know more about you than you probably want us to know. Thankfully, we are only focusing on your relationship status and your feelings about astrology. 

Do you find one sign more attractive than another? Are you more likely to check your horoscope in the morning? Look to the stars to find the answers to our questions, and we'll know if you are hitched or looking! Will we get it right?

Do you feel like you were born under the right zodiac sign?

Are your Libra friends as good at balancing things as they are supposed to be?

When do you usually check your horoscope?

Which of these do you vibe with most: Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn?

If one of the zodiac animals were your spirit animal, which one would it be?

Out of these signs, which one would you say is the friendliest?

Do you always check your zodiac compatibility when you meet someone?

Which one of your sign's traits is most dominant in your personality?

Would you rather go out with a Leo or with an Aquarius?

Do you know where to find your sign's constellation in the night sky?

Which one of the zodiac's ruling planets interests you the most?

When you read your horoscope, which feeling are you usually left with?

Earth, water, air, or fire: With which element do you feel the biggest connection?

Do you think zodiac readings are more accurate than psychic readings?

Which of these birthstones catches your eye the most?

Where do you usually check your horoscope?

You like your new date, but you don't like their sign. Do you go on another date with them?

Do you check your horoscope on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis?

Are you familiar with your Chinese zodiac sign?

Which one of a Scorpio's known qualities do you find most attractive?

Which sign is most stubborn, Capricorn or Aries?

Do you know anyone who was born on the cusp of two signs?

Which one of these signs could you be if you were not your sign?

Do you think your Pisces friends are as sensitive as they are supposed to be?

Have you had an astrology reading that uses your exact time of birth?

Which one of these signs would you never date?

Have you ever dated a Sagittarius, a Cancer, or an Aquarius?

Do you think the sun or the moon is a bigger influence on you?

Which sign's personality do you find least attractive?

How much would you say that you believe in your horoscope?

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