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By: J. Scott Wilson
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Halloween is when we let our inner child come out ... and that kid wants CANDY! How many of these Halloween favorites can you identify out of their familiar packages?

Candy corn is a polarizing snack. Some people live for those bags of Brachs every year, while others (like comedian Lewis Black) think it's vile.

The Tootsie Roll is one of the oldest branded candies in the U.S. Unfortunately, these days it's the candy given out by people who like cleaning eggs of their houses.

Can anyone actually eat just one Smartie? If you can keep from opening the wrapper and shotgunning the entire roll, you've got serious willpower.

Halloween is the best time to eat Whoppers, because they're fresh! There's nothing worse than biting into a stale Whopper and having it gum up your teeth.

Twix used to come in just the original configuration, and that was perfect. Now there are a host of options, including a peanut butter one that's basically a crunchy Reese's Cup.

M&M's are one of the world's most popular candies, and come in a wide variety of flavors. The classic peanut M&M is the perfect salty-sweet treat.

Reese's Cups make great Halloween candy if you live in cooler climes. In the South, they very quickly become wads of goo in the heat.

The Hershey bar is sort of the default chocolate Halloween candy. They're always welcome, though!

Reese's Pieces made it big when they were the candy offered to E.T. in the movie, "E.T." Ever think about what happened to the M&M's exec who turned down that offer?

The Snickers "You're not yourself when you're hungry" commercials are a hit ad campaign. They tap into something true for all of us.

Kit Kat is a great balance of silky chocolate and crunchy cookies. Like other candies, it's now available in a variety of flavors.

"Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't." That ad jingle is embedded in the minds of candy fans everywhere.

The cookies and cream bar is a nifty, more heat-proof treat from Hershey's. If you like white chocolate, this is for you.

Nerds are a tasty, completely indestructible candy. Eat them by the handful for an ultimate sugar rush.

Butterfinger is another candy that's always best at Halloween because they're fresh then. A stale Butterfinger can be a real tooth-breaker.

If you don't like anything crunchy in your candy, 3 Musketeers is your choice. Try them chilled!

Cow Tales is one of those old-school candies that your grandparents probably remember. It's a chocolaty-caramel gummy rope that's fairly tasty.

With a lot of fruit-flavored candies, all the pieces taste pretty much the same. Skittles actually has different fruit flavors in every different color piece.

Believe it or not, Skittles have been around since 1974. They were invented by a British company and were later produced in the U.S.

Starburst is pretty much the ultimate in fruit-flavored candy. The flavors are sharp, and the different varieties are addictive.

Has anyone ever managed to get through an entire box of Milk Duds? It requires stout jaw muscles!

Sixlets are like the little brother of M&Ms. They're candy-coated chocolate, but peanuts are not an option.

Swedish Fish are a gummy candy that's (surprise!) shaped like a fish. The flavors are nicely fruity, and they melt away without gumming up your teeth.

Airheads are a light, fruity candy. Their cousins, Warheads, are only for those who love seriously sour.

If you can't decide whether you want candy or gum, this is the perfect choice. Lick away all the candy, then blow bubbles.

Charleston Chew, made by the Tootsie Roll folks, is a predecessor of Milky Way. It's a nougat bar covered in chocolate ... simple and classic.

Dots are another old-school candy. They're gumdrops with a light candy coating to keep them from sticking together.

Dum Dums are your basic lollipop. They're small, so you can conceivably eat one between houses.

Jolly Ranchers are fruit flavored candies that come in a wide variety of flavors. The watermelon is really tasty!

Laffy Taffy is great as long as the temperature stays cool. Once it hits 80 degrees or so, this stuff turns into super glue.

As both a Halloween and a movie candy, Lemonheads is a great choice. The sharp lemon tang keeps it from being overly sweet, and you can let them melt or chew them up.

Just like Girl Scouts Thin Mints, Junior Mints have a legion of die-hard adherents. If you like chocolate chip-mint ice cream, you'll love them.

Here's a fun trick: Take a handful of Now and Later and a handful of Mike and Ike and eat a couple of each. Can't tell the difference? You're not alone!

This candy had one of the catchiest jingles of all time. Have YOU ever rolled a Rolo to your pal?

If you're tired of sweet or chocolaty candies, Sour Patch Kids are a great choice. They're coated with a dust that gives a sour shock to your tastebuds.

If you're a fan of Sweet Tarts, you'll also dig Spree. These are from Wonka, so be sure to look for a golden ticket!

If you love caramel, Sugar Babies could become addictive. They're soft morsels of milk caramel with a candy coating that keeps them from getting stuck together.

Who hasn't seen the classic commercial with the owl? How many licks do YOU think it takes to get to the center?

Sweetarts are always one of the top-selling candies at Halloween. There are plenty of other candies similar to it, but there's something that keeps it in the upper echelon.

If your idea of a sweet indulgence involves a bit of pain, try Warheads. They're insanely sour candies that will leave you with a puckered mouth.

When you bite into a York Peppermint Pattie ... well, you know how the commercial goes. These have a combination of dark chocolate and tangy mint that makes them addictive.

Good milk chocolate with what tastes like Rice Krispies inside, the Nestle Crunch bar is a Halloween standby. The fun size bars, thicker than the full size ones, are the best.

Nestle Crunch uses cereal for its crunch, while Mr. Goodbar uses salty peanuts. It's the perfect hit for your salty-sweet snack craving.

Mounds and Almond Joy are the yin and yang of Halloween candy. This one gives you the rich, buttery nuttiness of coconut and the tang of dark chocolate.

Heath Bars are another candy that's always best at Halloween. The toffee in the middle should be buttery and crisp, but when they get stale they get sticky. The Halloween Heath Bars are always fresh!

One of the best of the salty-sweet candy bars, Baby Ruth has been around for decades. It's made of tons of salty peanuts around a nougat center, wrapped in milk chocolate.

Starburst and other chewy fruit candies owe their existence to Mike and Ike. First marketed in the '40s, these are the original fruit chews, and one of the first movie candies.

If a Milky Way and a Nestle Crunch bar had a baby, it would be the 100 Grand Bar. It's got a chocolate shell with crispy rice wrapped around a rich caramel center.

Giving apples out to kids on Halloween will get you a visit from the police. But hand these out, and the kids will change costumes to come back for seconds!

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