97% of people can't identify individual countries by just a map outline. Can you?

By Narra Jackson on February 03, 2018


About this Quiz

Calling all world travelers! You might be flying over to Africa for a trip on the safari or backpacking through Europe. From China to Mexico to Germany, how many countries can you recognize from their shape?

Many people might wonder how a country even gets its shape! The most common answer would be through ambition and time! The world was once considered a Pangea, but through the movement of the plate tectonics, the continents and countries separated to what we are used to today.

Although it's easy to establish boundaries within your country, it's harder within your continent. On continents like Europe, the fight for power and land was always there! With powerful nations like Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, you could be sure that the fight for land was always high. In those times, emperors, kings, and queens had to keep their countries fortified. That's how these distinct country shapes were created. Just how well can you recognize them?

Can you recognize the 'boot-like' shape of the European country? Can you identify the outline of the smallest state in the world, Vatican City? Can you pick out the largest country in the world that spans two continents?

After all those lessons in geography, this is what you were waiting for! Jump into the globe and this quiz and prove that you're a geographical genius!

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