94% of People Can't Name These N64 Games From an Image. Can You?

By Jacqueline Samaroo on April 22, 2018

About This Quiz

OK, kids! It's time to climb into the video game Wayback Machine and look at the home video game console that changed the landscape, finally bringing real arcade-quality graphics to your (still tubed) TV. How many of these classic Nintendo 64 games can you recall from your misspent weekends?

First, back in the Dark Ages of the '70s, there was Pong. Then the original Atari console debuted, and American kids started to get used to the idea of staying home to play video games, instead of heading to the arcade. However, the graphics were HORRIBLE. Overly pixelated human figures and cars that appeared to have square wheels were de rigeur.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System followed, and while the graphics were better and the games were far more complex, you'd still never have mistaken them for arcade games. How many of you hyperventilated trying to blow dust out of the cartridges?

Finally, in 1996, the Nintendo 64 brought a dose of near-arcade quality gaming to the living room. Resident Evil 2, for example, was an immersive first-person shooter that could have you calling off work to play. One of the best installments of the Zelda series came along, and Super Smash Bros. let you take characters from all over the Nintendo universe into battle together.

There's no cheat codes for this quiz! Get your brain in gear and try it now!

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