94% of People Can't Name All of These Classic Cars from the '60s. Can You?

By Bambi Turner on July 05, 2018

About This Quiz

Think you can spot the difference between a Road Runner and an Impala, or a Corolla and a Corvair? Know how to tell a Mustang from a Miura or a Porsche 911 from a Porsche 904? Take our quiz to see if you can recognize these memorable '60s rides!

The '60s were known as a time of major change, and the auto industry was no exception. Not only was there a huge rise in imports to take on Detroit's Big Three, but car designs and technology also went through major revisions. Gone were the big boats of the '50s, with their huge platforms and rear ends. Instead, automakers started focusing much more on performance, bringing powerful auto technology to the masses for the first time. Pony cars and muscle cars became all the rage, as manufacturers attempted to outdo one another with better handling, speed, and power.

Buyers in the '60s also got to choose from exciting new options, from tiltable steering wheels to air conditioning and even seat belts -- which weren't always offered on cars produced during earlier decades. The late '60s also brought increased safety standards, like recessed knobs, four-way flashers, standardized bumpers and defoggers. 

Think you can tell one coveted classic car from another? Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the greatest cars of the '60s!

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