93% of People Can't Name Each of These Famous Criminals From a Single Image! How Well Will You Do?

By Craig on February 12, 2018

About This Quiz

For as long as people have been around, criminals of some kind have been lingering in the shadows - some daring enough to show their faces in public. From cattle rustlers and the mob to white-collar criminals and serial killers, we have a fascination with all sorts of criminals. They occupy documentaries, novels, biographies, movies and TV series. But how well do you know your criminals? Can you identify them from a single image? 

Can you identify Al Capone or John Gotti? How about Billy the Kid or Jesse James? From the Wild West to modern times, these are the most despicable and iconic criminals of their times, with names synonymous with "bad."

Do you remember the bank robbers of the '30s and '40s who were praised by newspapers of the time? Can you identify Bonnie and Clyde - famous enough to go by first names alone? Do you know Dillinger? 

Then you have the bad of the bad. Serial killers seem to be on a level of their own. They work alone. They work in secret and prey on their victims at night. But, what makes them particularly scary is that they blend in so well that family, friends and neighbors are in shock when the killer is finally caught. 

See how many of these notorious criminals you can identify from an image - before they identify you. 

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