91% of People Can't Name All of These Side Scroller Video Games From a Screenshot. Can You?

By: Kennita Leon
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Chances are that if you're taking this quiz, you already know what side-scrolling or side-scroller video games are. But some of you may not. Some of you may just be fans of all video games and not care about the kind of gameplay or graphics the game has. So, if you didn't know, side-scroller video games are games where the gameplay involves the characters moving from side to side, or left to right to achieve the goal of the game. A typical example of this is an old-school Mario game.

These 2D video games have been surpassed by their 3D counterparts, but some people just can't get enough of them, which is why they are still being made today for both handheld devices and digitally. Don't let the seeming basicness of these games fool you; there isn't just one type. There are side-scrolling shooter games such as Contra, racing games such as Jumping Cross, beat 'em up games like Street Fighter and platform games such as Super Mario Bros. 

If you've played or at least heard of the games we just listed, this quiz will be a breeze for you. Are you ready to put not only your side-scrolling video game knowledge and your knowledge of old school games to the test? If you are, take this quiz! 

This futuristic game is set on a planet called XR-Keres and allows players to explore the terrain of its planet, eventually finding out what happened to the beings that inhabited the Nexum Station.

This single-player game gives the user a chance to act as Sue; a foster child of the Dark Knight. Together, Sue and the Dark Knight will slay dragons and become stronger as the game progresses. During the game, these two characters will have encounters with both friends and foes.

A genius robotic engineer named Jason discovers a creature that he names Fred and takes it to his lab for further observation. An accident occurred in the lab, and Fred escapes into a hole. Jason follows Fred and finds himself in a cave with a battle vehicle named SOPHIA III; he then goes on an adventure in search of Fred.

This game is set on Lorain V, a moon of a thousand terrors, which is haunted by the souls of the victims it has claimed. Through exploration of this world, players will attempt to free the souls of ghosts by destroying their physical remains.

Vanguard, a fantasy-themed multiplayer online game set in a world called Telon, offered users the option to create their avatar and start the game from the beginning or at a chosen race in the trial zone named the Isle of Dawn.

With the help of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this game aims to bring education to a virtual galaxy that is built and designed by players. Gamers have the chance to create solar systems as well as share their creations and visit systems built by other players.

Widely accredited for pioneering parallax scrolling within side-scrolling video games, Moon Patrol allows the player to take control as a Luna City police officer.

Centered around the retrieval of the Kongs' bananas, players must complete 40 levels; each uniquely themed with various tasks which include launching from barrel cannons, swinging from vines and defeating enemies with the help of an animal.

Plumbers Mario and Luigi set out on an adventure to rescue Princess Toadstool and the seven rulers of various kingdoms. Players can stomp on their enemies to defeat them. Additionally, items can be used to give magical powers to the two heroes.

Super-human soldiers enhanced by alien technology are tasked with reclaiming the Earth from an alien invasion. Players can choose their own path from 100 different missions and earn rewards to then take on huge bosses.

Featuring twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, gamers can control these two characters and battle against different challengers. Gameplay involves unarmed combat and use of weapons usually gained from enemy fighters such as knives and baseball bats.

Played with one button, this side-scrolling game offers users' hours of fun. Players can move their spacecraft in a circular motion and swim through this universe. The main goal of Star Host is to keep your spacecraft vertical and get to an endpoint while avoiding obstacles.

Revolving around two characters who share the same body named Alicia and Slimeria, they must work together to stop a disaster that could bring about a war between the Gods of Asgard and the people of Midgard.

This 10-section game allows players to control a limited fuel supply helicopter that can be refueled by destroying fuel tanks within the game. Users can control the helicopter to shoot lasers and drop bombs on tanks, defenders and UFOs.

Gamers get to explore the moon of Castillo as astronauts and attempt to recover stolen spaceship panels from space mutants by flying with a jetpack through the caverns of Callisto. This game has five sections with eight missing panels or a key that gets users to the next level.

After inheriting an estate from a relative, the player learns that it is plagued by dark dimensions and disembodied spirits brought to life by their relatives' horrible deeds from hunting for power and knowledge.

Play as either Flash Gordon or Dale Arden in this action-packed adventure game that puts users' reflexes to the test. Gamers have five levels to unlock by battling enemies and getting through obstacles set up the evil Ming the Merciless.

Allowing players to control a Mech Knight, this game, by Dinosaur Studio, features Knight heroes who use swords to fight and cast magic. This fun game supports four-player co-ops and team play; characters can be leveled up by learning combos and using powerful attacks to save the world.

Gaining extreme popularity through word of mouth, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has been considered as one of the best video games to have ever been made. Users get to explore Dracula's castle and attempt to defeat Richter Belmont.

Humankind is under attack by evil forces from a distant planet; participants must explore and fight through a massive cave to destroy an egg which was crafted by the Devil, to save the Earth.

This side-scrolling game was based on the animated series called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The single-player game allows gamers to start off as Leonardo and can switch to any other character throughout the game. The player loses the game when all four turtles are captured by the enemy.

Supporting both single and multiplayer use, this game allows for users to create their character and their world. Characters are spawned with a wooden sword, a copper pickax and a copper ax. Players must build a base, gather resources and overcome various challenges.

The green hare named Jazz Jackrabbit must use his huge gun to fight his nemesis Devan Shell and Shellian Terrorist, as players go on a mission through six levels within three worlds to save rabbit princess Eva Earlong.

Following Jason Flemming and new girlfriend Claire into caverns as they explore and stumble upon an underground compound with soldiers, he must rescue his love when she does not respond to his calls. Players get to control Jason through the underground cavern, defeat unfriendly forces and try to find Claire.

Magikoopa succeeds in capturing Baby Luigi, who was being delivered by stork. However, baby Mario falls out of the sky and onto Yoshi's back. This single player game enlists users to control Yoshi through 48 levels within six worlds to save Baby Luigi.

With only the use of a stylus and touch screen using a DS, the player can command a total of 10 Kirbys. By tapping on the screen, the user communicates to the Kirbys to attack an enemy or avoid an obstacle. Users can also flick Kirbys and use them as projectiles.

When playing this game, one player controls three different Vikings, each with a unique set of abilities. These three Vikings must work in unison to complete each level of this puzzle-based game.

Rayman is a magical creature known for his incredible bravery and determination to save his world from nefarious villains. This game was produced in 1995 and is set in a dreamlike world that has many varying environments.

Taking place in a fantasy medieval world, heroes are tasked with the challenge of regaining the renowned Golden Axe.

This is a shooter game where players get to choose their character and battle in an intergalactic war against the Zentradi legions in an effort to save Earth.

Gameplay takes place on the fictional planet of Zebes and players get to control Samus Aran, who is in search of a missing Metroid that was stolen by the leader of the Space Pirates. Players can control Samus to jump, run, crouch and fire her weapon at hostile forces.

Trying to avoid obstacles along this side-scrolling terrain, players must control an aircraft through six sections of the game. Each section has a different terrain style and range of obstacles. The game offers no intermission between sections and points are given for the number of seconds a player remains alive and how many enemies and fuel tanks are destroyed.

Released in 1986, this game initiated the 4-directional control of punch-jump-kick play. Gamers have control over a vigilante named Mr. K, who takes on many street gangs in combat efforts to save his girlfriend.

Tasked with the mission of clearing 40 terrorists from a building, John McClane must clear floor by floor, only using a pistol at first. As the game progresses, John will acquire more weapons like explosives, machine guns and flashbangs.

The player controls the character Gunvolt, who is capable of jumping and using a gun with specialized bullets to tag its target. Gunvolt has access to many superior skills called "offensive skills." This allows him to heal himself and perform mighty attacks.

Developed for the Atari ST in 1991, this game follows the prehistoric character Chuck Rock as he "chucks" rocks at opponents.

Gamers have control of an unarmed jungle explorer named Sir Dudley, who is trying to save Lady Penelope from a group of cannibals. The explorer must swing from vines, swim from crocodiles and avoid other disastrous obstacles in hopes of saving his girl.

Duke Nukem is sent to rescue a missing Earth defense force agent who was sent to the future to monitor the Earth. This game has 36 levels, big bosses to combat and a range of different weapons for Duke to utilize.

Set in ancient Greece, this game follows the resurrection of a centurion by Zeus, in order to save his daughter Athena. This game can be played by two players with each player controlling a centurion; each centurion has its own special abilities ranging from lightning, dragon flight and bear petrification.

Released in 1989 as an arcade game, Final Fight spawned two sequels which include Final Fight 2 and Final Fight 3. This beat ‘em up game features notable characters like Mike Haggar, Mayor of Metro City, Cody Travers, Maki Genryusai and Guy.

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