91% of people can't name all of these Hanna-Barbera cartoons from one image! Can you?

By Jacqueline Samaroo on February 03, 2018

About This Quiz

Were you glued to the television on Saturday mornings? See how many of these Hanna-Barbera cartoons you can identify.

Although Hanna-Barbera itself is no longer in business, having ceased operations in 2001, the cartoons created by the animation studio will live on forever on the small screen. 

Hanna-Barbera was the brainchild of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the creators of Tom and Jerry. They founded their own animation studio in 1957 but eventually became part of Warner Brothers. The duo was a force in the animation industry because of the popularity of Saturday morning cartoons and produced such masterpieces as "Scooby Doo," "The Flintstones," "Yogi Bear," "The Jetsons," and the "Smurfs." However, in the 1980s, when weekday afternoon television eclipsed the popularity of Saturday morning cartoons, Hanna-Barbera lost ground in the industry.

Still, the duo and their animation studio won numerous awards, including Academy awards, Emmy awards, and Golden Globes awards. The partners even have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Neither Hanna nor Barbera are alive today, but their cartoon masterpieces will live on forever.

If we give you an image, do you think you can identify each of these iconic cartoons? Let's get started.

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