91% of People Can't Identify These Short-Haired Dog Breeds from an Image. Can You?

By J.P. Naomi on April 30, 2018

About This Quiz

How do you like your dog? Big, small, short or tall? Well, how about long-haired or short-haired? If you said short-haired, then this quiz is for you! We're about to test your knowledge of dog breeds that didn't recently come from the barber shop. They were just born with short hair! Think you have what it takes to name them all correctly? 

No matter what your reason is for loving short-haired dogs, we bet you appreciate all of their benefits. Perhaps you are allergic to dog hair? The good news is that you can still be best friends with a short-haired dog! Perhaps you can't stand the messy 'shed' that floats across your hardwood floors. Well, you can put the Rumba away and roll all over the house with these short-haired loves!

You see, despite these 'clean' and 'healthy' reasons for loving these dogs, maybe you just like the way their hair feels! As dog lovers, you must love the way it feels when you pet them, scratch them, hug them and kiss them, right? Right! Well, let's see if you can recognize some of these buzzed-cut canines! 

Don't go barking up the wrong answers with this quiz. Correctly identify them all and we'll name you Best in Quiz with this ultimate short-haired quiz! Woof-woof, here we go!

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