91% of people Can't Identify These 50 Car Movies From Just One Screenshot. Can you?

By Craig on February 03, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you a car movie aficionado? See how many of them you can identify from a picture.

What is the best car movie of all time? If you said "The Fast and Furious," you wouldn't be alone, but we ask you... WHICH "Fast and Furious" movie is your favorite?

"The Fast and Furious" franchise of movies consists of eight films, with two more planned: one for 2019 titles "Hobbs and Shaw," and one for 2021. Now, we're not saying that the 2021 movie will be the last movie in the series (the rumor is that it will be), but how long can they go on without Paul Walker? The answer to that just might be... as long as people like fast cars... so, forever.

The first "Fast and Furious" movie starred Walker, Vin Diesel, and Michelle Rodriquez. Diesel and Rodriquez continue to be part of the franchise, but Walker died in a fiery car crash in 2013 (if you didn't know that, catch up!). And, although some Walker fans pledged that they would never again watch another "Fast and Furious" film, the franchise continues to be one of Universals biggest moneymakers.

Can you ace this quiz? Let's get started and find out.

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