90% of people can't identify these '90s toys from one image! Can you?

By Deborah Stansil on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

BOP IT. TWIST IT. PULL IT! Oh no, you're out! Actually, not quite! In the 1990s, tons of toys were released to be played with. If you grew up in the '90s, chances are you saw many of these, but can you believe that 90% of people can't guess all these toys from an image? Let's see if you can!

The 1990s introduced a long line of games for children to play with. They might've been challenging their friends to a Bop It! competition. You might've been raising your virtual Tamagotchi and falling to the ground in tears when it died. Rather than a virtual toy, maybe you were snuggling up to Furby or creating an imaginary life for Polly Pocket. For the more active kids, you could've been going around tripping over your Skip-It.

These toys were iconic in the '90s and you could be certain that all the kids knew about them. While they might be a thing of the past, these toys will forever be ingrained in the minds of all '90s kids. 

It's probably been two decades since you've seen most of these toys, but could you still remember them from an image? From the iconic Beanie Babies to a Gameboy, 90% of people can't remember all of these '90s toys. Can you?

Let's play!

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