88% of people can't remember if these Walking Dead characters are dead or alive! Can you?

By Jody Mabry on March 16, 2018

About This Quiz

When you think about "The Walking Dead," does “survival of the fittest come to mind,” or the “survival of the smartest”? To live through mid-season 7 of the show, you must be smart, fit, AND well-armed to continue on to the next season. And even if you didn’t want to be one of the cast, but an extra in the TV show you still need special talents: from being taught the zombie walk in Walker School to having that authentic ‘undead’ look. According to executive producer Greg Nicotero, he looks for big eyes, good bone structure, and a long neck. Lucky for you, to pass this quiz, you just need to be a diehard fan of the show. Do you remember who is still among the living? Take the quiz and find out. 

This quiz will enlighten you about some life and death decisions along the way. For instance, IronE Singleton, a.k.a. T-Dog was never meant to die. According to the grapevine, the character wasn't too popular, so they killed him off. In the season three prison takeover, it was Carol who was meant to get bitten, but producers reportedly decided to sacrifice T-Dog instead. In the episode "Killer Within," T-Dog threw himself at Walkers to save Carol. Yep, it’s hard to keep your head on your shoulders, but try to while you take the quiz.

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