83% of People Aren't Able to Figure Out These Sci-Fi TV Shows From an Image. Can You?

By J. Scott Wilson on February 05, 2018

About This Quiz

Can you name the man who created and narrated '50s favorite "The Twilight Zone"? Remember who served as captain on the first USS Enterprise? And what was the name of that ship flown by a renegade crew on "Firefly"? If you know the answers to these questions,, see if you can earn a perfect score on this sci-fi TV show quiz!

So many TV shows proudly tout how they are "ripped from the headlines" or "inspired by actual events." At the other end of the spectrum are the silly sitcoms that show working-class people living in million-dollar NYC apartments, or frazzled characters who always manage to come out on top, despite failing to ever really get their lives together. 

While it's fun to indulge in these series and get a view of the world through a lens, there's also a certain thrill in tuning in to sci-fi series to see not what is, but what could be. What would the world look like with new technology, or if rules of time and space travel could be bent or broken? What is life like in alternate worlds or universes? What could happen if humans ever actually came into contact with other life forms -- like aliens?

Sci-fi is storytelling without the limits of reality. It gives TV producers an opportunity to explore new possibilities, introducing content that goes beyond anything ever imagined to drop viewers into a whole new world. And while sci-fi might seem like a modern invention, the genre has been going strong since the radio days of the '30s.

Think you're a master of this genre? Take our quiz to prove your sci-fi TV show IQ!

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